Dish Network Adult Programming

Get the best in adult programming from Dish Network. We offer 9 channels for your entertainment and these include TenCLIPS, Playboy TV, TenXTSY, Shorteez, Club Jenna, Ten, Fresh!, Spice Xcess, and The Adult Showcase.

Order at least America's Top 120 programming package and add Dish Network Adult Programming for as little as $24.99/mo.

Our Adult Programming offers ratings from 'X' to 'XXX' and we provide discreet, paperless billing for your privacy. You can also order pay-per-view movies. Alternatively, you can pay monthly or annually.

 Enjoy the best of Jenna Jameson's movies.

Who doesn't know who Jenna Jameson is ? Join the most famous pornstar on the planet and a bevy of beauties from the adult entertainment industry every night. This is one channel that you will not want to abandon ! Club Jenna gives you premieres from renowned studies such as Vivid, CJI, Wicked, and many more.

Order Club Jenna straight from your remote control at a Pay-per-View price of $11.99 (90-minute block). The monthly price is $27.99, and the annual price is $307.89.

Fresh gives you amateur and new talent adult entertainment. 

Interested in amateur and new talent ? If so then Fresh! is the channel for you ! New girls is what you will see with Fresh! Casting calls and themed auditions is what Fresh! gives you.

Fresh! can be ordered as Pay-per-View for $11.99 (90-minute block). If you wish to pay monthly it will cost you $27.99, and for the whole year you will be set back $307.89.

Order Playboy TV for only $14.99/mo.

$14.99 per month gives you access to the world-famous Playboy channel. Enjoy the most erotic adult programming on the planet featuring original series and Director's Cut movies.

With your remote control you can order Playboy TV at a Pay-per-View price of $8.99 for 4 hours. No annual subscription is offered.

Shorteez is for the fast-paced new generation of adults.

Are you looking for more exciting content in less time ? If so then Shorteez is for you. Get 3 times the "fun" for the same price. Shorteez gives you anime, Internet content, theme clips, and much more.

Order Shorteez with your remote control at a Pay-per-View price of $10.99 (90-minute block). The monthly subscription runs for $22.99 whilst the annual one will set you back $252.89

Spice:Xcess gives you variety. 

Looking for a little ethnicity in your adult programming ? A few exotic women from the islands perhaps ? Then Spice:Xcess is the perfect channel for you.

Internet oddities, MILFS, caught-on-tape material, and fetish entertainment is what Spice Xcess is all about !

Order it today from your remote control at a Pay-per-View price of $11.99 (90-minute block). Monthly subscription rates are $27.99, whilst for the whole year it is $307.89.

Ten adult channel from Dish Network.

TEN is the alternative adult entertainment channel for you. Experience a variety in stars.

For $10.99 you can order TEN with your remote control at a Pay-per-View price (90-minute block). The monthly subscription costs $22.99, and the annual cost is $252.89.

Ten Clips let you go straight to the action.

With TEN Clips you go sraight to the action. It features, as the name suggests, clips from a variety of movies.

Order TEN Clips with your remote control at a Pay-per-View price of $10.99 (90-minute block). For $22.99 per month you can get this channel, or you can pay $252.89 for the whole year.

 Experience 24 hours of uncensored adult programming thanks to TENxtsy. 

How would you like to have an adult channel that runs 24 hours a day offering you the wildest and most tantalizing in adult programming ? TENxtsy offers you just that !

Order TENxtsy with your remote control for only $11.99/mo at a Pay-per-View price (90-minute block). You can have this channle for $27.99/mo or $307.89 per year.

 The Adult Showcase gives you 5 channels for only $17.99. 

Watch Club Jenna, Shorteez, TEN Clips, TEN and Spice:Xcess for up to 3 hours for only $17.99. Your can order the Adult Showcase with your remote control. No monthly nor annual subscription is offered.

 Get Adult Programming from DISH Network.

Dish Network offers parental locks in the event you want to block these channels from young children.

Interested in Dish HD ? Add high-def programming for only $10/mo.





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