Satellite TV Programming now starts at $24.99/mo

Satellite TV now offers you over 120 all-digital channels for only $24.99/mo. Sign up for a promotional period of 12 months and start saving ! View our packages.

        CLICK HERE for FAMILY channels.

America's Top 120 starts at $24.99/mo.        CLICK HERE for America's Top 120.

Over 200 channels are avilable with America's Top 200.        CLICK HERE for America's Top 200.  

Over 250 channels await you with America's Top 250.       CLICK HERE for America's Top 250.   


That's not all though ! You can also get programming in languages other than English. We have, amongst others, African  languages, Arabic, French, Armenian, Farsi, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Urdu, Israeli, Italian, Greek, Ukranian and Tagalog. Dish Network has realised that America is now such a melting point of different nationalities and cultures, and feels the need to cater to their desires. We have therefore decided to include as many programming packages to suit everybody in the country. Take a look at our International Programming page.


Please note that it costs $5 to add local channels, such as your local CBS, ABC, UPN or NBC channels. The prices you see are without local channels. The Dish Network programming packages include, but not limited to; America's Top 120, America's Top 200, Dish Latino, and America's "Everything" Pak. The best offer is probably the new America's Top 120 ("120" being 120 channels). You get over 120 channels, including Dish Network's audio channels. There are over 70 audio stations for you to choose from, with almost half of them being Sirius radio channels ! 






You can get FREE installation in up to 6 rooms with DISH Network.

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