Dish Network Satellite: Better TV for All

DISH Network satellite is the second largest provider of satellite TV services in the United States. The network also provides a satellite TV guide, the satellite dishes and free network deals. The option of purchasing HDTV equipment and service packages that provides the viewers an access to 8 high definition channels is also available under the packages offered by the DISH network satellite TV service.

Dish Network- Programming Edge

The DISH network was launched by Echostar Communications in 1996 and currently has a subscriber base of over 11 million. The network has nine broadcasting satellites at present. The number of channels offered by the Dish network satellite TV services is more than that offered by its rival DirecTV. The facilities offered by the Dish network are available in more than 50 states of the United States at a monthly cost of less than $100. This satellite TV service provider also offers a large number of sports dedicated channels along with foreign language programs.

The DISH network also offers 50 Sirius Satellite Radio music channels and Starband broadband Internet service and has recently been rated as the number one in customer satisfaction by JD Power & Associates amongst all satellite service providers in the US.

The offerings of the DISH network satellite can be received through a satellite system which transmits the signals to the viewer’s TV. Increased competition in the satellite-networking arena has resulted in lucrative offers for satellite TV packages for the customers. Most of the service providers including the DISH network provide the satellite networking system (equipment) free to their subscribers.

The package offered by the DISH network provider includes: a satellite TV dish and stand, up to four receivers and a universal remote and high definition TV receivers. The service providers also offer free installation of the system in up to four rooms in the viewer’s house. The DISH network providers also offer various gifts such as a DVD player or a home theatre system to its subscribers.

The DISH network service for satellite TV includes more than 256 program channels, up to 500 commercial movies every month, the facility of digital video recording, up to 60 pay per view programs every day and fifty commercial-free Sirius Radio music channels with CD-quality sound. Under the service provided by the DISH network the local channels are also broadcast in digital format. The sound and the picture quality offered by the channel are said to be very good. The various packages offered by the DISH network range from $31.99 per month to $86.99 per month. These packages can be bought through phone or internet.

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