Free Dish Network DVR

Dish Network's gift of a free Digital Video Recorder to new subscribers is certainly a blessing in disguise. It allows the viewer of Dish Network's superb programming to record and save favorites for later viewing and for sharing at special times with others.

The DVR (digital video recorder) is a device that contains a hard drive that records and stores digital satellite television programming in digital and high definition resolution. This is a product of the combinations of ongoing research and development in the area of advanced technology in recording and satellite communications systems. This device gives you full control over what you see and when you want to see any given programming. Most people's lives are quite hectic and you can't always be in front of the television when a program you want to see is being broadcast. The beauty of the Dish network DVR is that you can pre-record a favorite program, and watch it on your schedule. The remote has buttons for record, fast forward, rewind, and pause. The pause button will let you stop live television programming and either rewind or resume within a short time. When recording, you can eliminate all commercials or other interference. The Dish Network DVR has a storage capacity of 100 hours allowing you to create your own library of favorites - music, movies, sports events, etc. Digital storage saves money in that you no longer have to buy and store the bulky and cumbersome videotapes. The Digital Video Recorder menu is fully integrated with the Dish Network program guide allowing ease and flexibility in recording programming. All this convenience is free as a new subscriber to Dish Network's digital high definition satellite television services.

Dish Network provides the ultimate in television viewing as they deliver programming in 100 percent digital high definition signaling that gives you the clearest imaging and best sound on today's market. Dish Network's versatile packages include something of interest to everyone. They offer 5 different programming packages chock full of diverse enjoyment. With over 256 channels to choose from (including 500 commercial-free movies per month, sports programming, 50 channels of Sirius digital music, educational programs, children's and adult programming, a Parental locking system according to content, date, and ratings, multi-cultural international channels, interactive gaming with national and local weather and traffic updates, and news programs) you will experience television as never before. You will wonder why you have not taken advantage of Dish network's offer before.

Check with Dish Network Satellite TV now to get more information on their current offer, specific pricing details and to schedule your order. Find out about the special HDTV (High Definition Television) promotion that is being offered. Dish Network TV will arrange installation at your convenience. A certified representative will install your equipment and service, and answer any questions. You will receive instructions and guidance on all equipment and features. Or you may wish to call Dish Network's toll-free, 24-hour telephone number and speak directly with a friendly and courteous representative. Be among the over 12 million satisfied subscribers - all enjoying their Dish network satellite television equipment and the best entertainment packages available anywhere.

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