Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Got a few questions about satellite tv ? We answer a couple of them right here.


I just ordered my package. How long before I can get satellite tv installed ?

> Usually all orders placed by noon can be scheduled and installed within 24-48 hours. We install 7 days a week.

How long does it take to install everything ?

> Our qualified technicians come with all the equipment on the installation date, and usually complete the work within 2 hours.

Order your satellite tv package now by visiting our Programming page and selecting your package.

There are a lot of trees/buildings around my property. Will this be a problem ?

> Trees or buildings can interfere with the signal. If you can trim any trees that may be in the way then do so. Should the installation fail for this reason your work order will be cancelled with no hassles. Please note that your dish (when installed) will face the southern sky, so identify that direction and see whether there is any interference from trees or buildings.

Is satellite tv offered in all states and US territories such as Puerto Rico ?

> Yes it is. However, if you live in Puerto Rico or Hawaii you may require a larger dish.

After I have placed my order how is my programming activated ?

> You do not have to worry about that. The technician who is in charge of your installation will bring all the necessary equipment, and then a customer representative will help you activate your favorite programming.

To place your order call _______ and mention Promo Code: _____

I am interested in foreign programming. Do you offer such ?

> Yes, in fact satellite tv is the leader when it comes to international programming. You can find programming in such diverse languages such as French, Urdu, Chinese, Farsi, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and many more. We are the only provider in the United States to offer Vietnamese programming. This package is known as Thuan Viet. For more on international programming please click here.

Can you really get up to 4 rooms/TV's connected for free ?

> Yes. You can get up to 4 rooms or TV's hooked up to satellite tv for no extra charge.

When will my town get local channels in HD ?

> Satellite tv is in the process of adding HD programming all across the country. For a list of towns and cities please visit our blog.

Is there a charge for the Dish DVR ?

> Yes there is, but it's very minimal. If you order a DVR package then the fee is included (waived). You get the best programming starting at only $24.99/mo

What is HD Absolute ?

> HD Absolute no longer exists. Satellite tv now offers the option of adding HD programming for only $10. Visit our HD page here. To order satellite tv click here.

What channels can I get with HD Essential ?

> See above.

What channels can I get with HD Ultimate ?

> See above.

I am a Spanish speaker. Do you offer Latino programming ?

> satellite tv has not forgotten about the Latino community in the United States. We offer 3 latino programming packages. LATINO, LATINO Dos, and LATINO Max. Pricing starts at $9.99/mo (for 6 months).

Interested in our Latino programming ? Visite nuestra página de LATINO.

 I am interested in adult programming. Do you have any packages ?

> Of course satellite tv has adult programming for aficionados. We have 9 channels that you can choose from. View our adult programming page for more info.

How about sports packages ? Do you offer any ?

> Satellite tv would be crazy not to. That's why we have the Sports package for our sports fanatics. Get the best in football, baseball, hockey, soccer, and much more !

 How do I order the Taiwanese Mega Pack ?

> Visit our Taiwanese Mega Pack page to see the programming available to you. It only costs $34.99/mo to get this package.

 How do I order the Arabic Elite Super Pack ?

> Visit our Arabic Elite Super Pack page to see the programming available to you. It only costs $44.99/mo.

I want to install satellite tv but I do not own the apartment/house I live in.

> No problem. All you need to do is have the Landlord/Homeowners Association Letter of Permission form completed and ready to hand over to the rep. at the time of installation.

What/How much is the deposit for satellite tv ?

> If you choose to commit to a 24-month (2 years) contract with satellite tv then your deposit is $0. If not it's $99. CLICK HERE to order online, or call ______. Mention Promo Code ____. This promo code will give you the best deals.

I recently lost Food Network/HGVT (Home & Garden TV) on my cable company. Does Dish Network carry either, or both, of these channels ?

> Of course ! Our America's Top 120 (and the subsequent higher ones: America's Top 200, America's Top 250 & America's "Everything" Pak) package carries these channels. Pricing starts at only $24.99/mo (with a commitment). To order call ______ and mention Offer Code _____ to get your deposit waived !

Do I need a credit card to order satellite tv ?

> For contractual purposes we do require a credit card most of the time. The name on the card and the DISH account need to match to prevent fraud. Once your account has been set up, your credit card number is stored in a secure, encrypted location, which the Customer Care Reps do not have access to.

Your monthly payments, however, need not be made with a credit card. You can do those with a debit card.

Why do you ask that I provide my social security number ?

> When you order satellite tv we give out over $1000 worth of equipment. We need to see whether you have reasonable credit first before we can proceed with the order. It is understandable that most people will feel uncomfortable giving out their SSN but you can rest assured that you are dealing with a very reputable company with over 15 million customers already (who also gave out their SSN's), and is a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ. It is like getting a new phone contract. That is one of the first things they will ask for.

You can enter it on our secure order page if you feel uncomfortable giving it out over the phone.






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