Dish Network Parental Locks

Concerned about what your small children, or teenaged kids might view on TV ? You need not worry because Dish Network has parental locks to take care of that. You can have the peace of mind and have control what is watched in your home.

You can control the parental locks in two ways;

Lock By Ratings

This is based on Motion Picture Association of America Ratings (G, PG, PG-13, etc...). You can filter out sexual content, violence, strong language, or nudity. This method of controlling what is viewed and what isn't is the most widely used.

Lock By Channel

This prevents any unauthorized person(s) from viewing a channel unless they enter the correct secret passcode. This is extremely helpful if you are a suscriber to the Dish Network Adult Programming package, for example.

Setting the locks can be easily done with the use of your remote control. Call the number below to find out how you do that.

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