Social Security Number and Credit Card

This why we ask. 

What is the credit card for ?

For contractual purposes we require a credit card for the security deposit whenever somebody orders DISH Network. The name on the card and the DISH account need to match to prevent fraud. Once your DISH account has been set up, your credit card number is stored in a secure, encrypted location, which the DISH Customer Care Reps do not have access to.

Worried about your ever-increasing debt ? You need not worry. We know the majority of Americans are going through tough financial times. The credit card is only used for credit purposes. You do not have to pay your DISH bill with your credit card though. That can be done by debit card or even check.

WHy we aks for the credit card.

Why do you ask that I provide my social security number ?

Acceptable credit is required in order to show DISH your 'likeliness of payment'.

When you order DISH Network we give out over $1000 worth of equipment (the dish, cables, DVR's, remote control, etc...). We need to see whether you have reasonable credit first before we can proceed with the order. It is understandable that most people will feel uncomfortable giving out their SSN but you can rest assured that you are dealing with a very reputable company with over 15 million customers already (who also gave out their SSN's), and is a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ.

Usually, if you have a credit score below 550 you won't get accepted. If you have delinquencies, judgements, or anything that may be bringing your credit score down, you can attempt to fix it and then retry subscribing to DISH.

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