Taiwanese Mega Pack

Introducing the Taiwanese Mega Pack. If you are Taiwanese national living in the USA this package is for you ! Get 17 of the best Taiwanese channels delivered to you in digital quality.

All channels broadcast 24/7, with programming coming mainly from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Mainland as well.

How much will you pay per month ? Only $39.99.

These are the channels you get from the Taiwanese Mega Pack;

Channel [V]                                           Jet TV International

CTS                                                      SETI                             

CTV                                                      Sky Link 2                                               

ET Drama                                              Sky Link TV

ET China                                                Star Chinese Channel

ET Global                                               Star Chinese Movies 2                                    

ET News                                                TTV

iCable                                                    YoYo TV

Formosa TV

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