Introducing TurboHD by DISH Network.....


DISH Network offers the only 100% All-HD, MPEG-4 content programming.

There are 3 packages;

TurboHD Bronze           TurboHD Silver           TurboHD Gold.

Get your locals for an additional $5.

** TurboHD isn't offered anymore. Dish Network now offers DishHD for an additional $10. ** 

DISH Network understands that there are still people who want to receive their standard-definition programming together with their HD channels. Not all channels in the Classic Bronze 100 or higher are available in HD. You can still have TurboHD as an add-on to the other Dish Network packages. That is if you feel that the HD channels do not suffice for you.







You can get FREE installation in up to 6 rooms with DISH Network.

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